Desperate Measures

Altered Plans

18th Gozran 4710 With Jhod accompanying the group, they head out to reclaim the Temple of Erastil, collecting Moon Radishes on the way. An over night camp saw a troll attack and eat one of their horses before being dispatched.

19th Gozran 4710 Travelling through the region of the Thorn River Camp they find the bandits have retaken the territory. Intent on not letting the brigands get a new foothold they instantly embark on clearance. Both sides attack each other cautiously but Boryenka, in typical glory seeking fashion rushes too far ahead of his companions and was stabbed from behind by the lieutenant of the repopulated camp. He was the first to fall, but was avenged by his fellow adventurers.

The group plan to return to Oleg’s to heal and mourn.



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