Desperate Measures

Boggard and Boar, Mine and Mites!

1st to 17th Desnus 4710 Desnus proves busy for the group. The quick kill of a boggard lairing in some ruins and some wandering trolls (with the fortuitious intervention of a passing giant centipede!) in the first few days. Clever use of recovered bear traps make short work of Tuskgutter, the Dire Boar that caused fear in many a local trapper. They make best speed to Oleg’s to wash the stink from their bodies and claim their rewards for the many severed heads they carry.

The next week is a chance to rest and prepare for the future. Potions are brewed, seige engines repaired(!) and training given to the local militia. As the area becomes safer more traders/trappers are seen at the Trading Post. Svetlana (Oleg’s wife) is still desperate for the return of her wedding ring – but a bag of Moon Radishes will take a good second place!

Back on the trail and the party skirt east through the barren lands with nought to see but the scarred rocks where wyvern claim their prey. Circling west and luck stikes with the discovery of some long abandoned treasure and an old mine awaiting reworking.

After crossing east again via a bridge in poor repair the lair of malicious fey (mites) is discovered. Resolved to remove the vicous creatures from the land the group venture underground and make short work of the runts. But the warren is only half explored….



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