Desperate Measures


The younger lord put down his goblet. “This merry band seem to be doing well”.
“Indeed” replied the older aristocrat. “They are showing themselves to be quite resourceful. Always a two-edged sword, of course, but one does long for some of our other erstwhile pioneers in the Stolen Lands matched these particular adventurers accomplishments”.
“Well, perhaps in time those in the Greenbelt can take up the slack. We should keep an eye on them though, to make sure they become allies”. The youth drain his wine in one draught, drawing a frown from his mentor.
“They are allies! We provided the funds, manpower and resources on which their kingdom is based. If I judge their character correctly they’ll feel obliged on that score alone, and it’s not as if our cause isn’t just. Still, perhaps an observer of some sort would be appropriate and this juncture…..”



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