Desperate Measures

Once More Into the Breach...

to Erastus 4711 Having founded the Kingdom of Sturov (with the backing of the Swordlords of Restov) and appointed themselves suitable positions of authority, the novice rulers embark on a slow and steeady expansion. Gradual claims of territory and (where appropriate) the encouragement of farms and the construction of roads. They founding settlement of Sturovia, built at the site of the ruined keep on the banks of the Tuskwater has grown to a small town and the population has grown to trust the rulers, even if a witch has set up residence in the town.

8th to 11th Erastus 4711 Adventure beckons once again. Territories need making safe and as some of the most powerful people in the region it falls on them to do the dirty work. A new resource is discovered (Fangberries) and terrors eradicated (Will O’Wisp, Shambling Mound, armoured troll). New friends are also made (rescued Gnome Expedition).

12th to 18th Erastus 4711 The week of the Druid. Sindarion proves a lynchpin to the group over the next few days. Displaying remarkable diplomacy and grace for one so normally blunt and tactless. A nixie was befriended (with an promise to restore her glade, still to be fufilled) and lumberjacks deployed further north. A fallen unicorn is respectfully interred by Sindarions druid power (but who can kill a Unicorn with magic?) and a Dryad grove saved from the predations of an evil Styhe Tree. The rest of the group play their part too as they flex their new martial and magical prowess against the Tree and the mad attack of a hermit and his Great Cat.



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