Desperate Measures

Tatzlwyrms and Tornado!

30th Gozran 4710 The group head East through the forest to find their path blocked by the smelly and wide Skunk River. Electing to head south along it’s bank, with Tarnik’s raven familiar performing scouting duties. As a storm gradually whips up they come to a shallow crossing formed from the remains of an old bridge. The party were attacked by three Tatzlwyrms as they attempted to make their crossing. The three lizards were no match for the group (despite Tusk having to fight his while gripping the side of the bridge for dear life)and the tornado that struck just after the fight caused more injuries, but the hardest part was the clumsy attempts to cross the river with more than one adventurer falling in and needing rescuing. The trial was worth it as the group dicovered it’s first real haul of magical treasure!



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