Desperate Measures

The Fey and the Frogs

4th Gozran 4710 The party continue exploring, and a dead trapper is found. The grease spell, as well a ‘Kick Me’ note on the back, the campfire going out and missing items, are dedeuced (by Syluss) to be the work of the fey. Knowing they can be tempted into showing themselves for gifts a fair bit of pleading ensues before the Perlivash (a farie dragon) and Ty-Tigger-Tut (a Grig) reveal themselves. Friendships are made and the group progress onwards prank free, with knowledge of an abandoned Erastil temple to the south.

5th – 12th Gozran 4710 More exploring, this time acoss stark plains. A night-fight with a seemly very quiet Shambling Mound near an old barbarian grave marker the only entertainment! The group turn south to re-enter the forest near the source of the Thorn River – a pool of hot springs. The smelly party have only a few minutes to bathe before three giant frogs attack these intruders! The amphibians are slain. Tarnik reminds himself of his mantra: “Don’t get in the water!”.

13th – 16th Gozran 4710 The group travel back to Oleg’s Trading Post to rest a few days, make scrolls and pay a social call on Bokken. The Post’s population has grown by a couple of women: Naleksa Vijic (the cheerful camp follower) and Anza the Jay (embittered widow who acts as a guide). Jhod Kavken, the priest of Erastil is invited to accompany the group the re-discoverer the lost temple revealed to them by Pervilash and Ty-Tigger-Tut.



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