Desperate Measures

To the Temple of the Elk

20th – 21st Gozran 4710 Despite a strong thunderstorm, the party press themselves to return to the Trading Post in one day, arriving late at night. After a short sleep that did nothing to refresh them a funeral service, ministered by Rogar (and therefore a little on the dull side) was held for Boryenka Garess, and he was buried on a hill overlooking the Trading Post.

The party also hired Neleksa to look after their newly acquired homing pigeons while they attend to their charter duties, even paying her a year in advance!

A new friend was made (although Rogar would disagree) with Sindarion, a half-elven druid with a pioneering spirit (and a mountain lion) who has thrown his lot in with the group. With Jhod accompanying them they resolve to head out once again to the Temple of Erastil the next day.

23rd – 24th Gozran 4710 They travel via the Moon Radish patch and then the nesting site of Pervilash and Ty-Tigger-Tut who introduced themsleves to the new druid. They make their own crossing of the Thorn River.

25th Gozran 4710 The temple is a blighted site, over come with mosses, brambles and fungi. The guardians soon make themselves known – a cursed bear and swarms of vile spiders. The bear, mad with rage, was a vicious foe but teamwork prevailed and the beast was put down – only for the corpse to transform into the human form of a priest of Erastil. The nature of the curse was revealed to Jhod upon touching the cursed cleric’s holy symbol…that the priest, fallen into evil was transformed into an immortal, insane bear to guard the temple until slain. Jhod resolves to take on stewardship of the temple site.



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