Desperate Measures

Treks & Traps

20th – 27th Pharast 4710 After the storm the group once again carry out a methodical search of the area, taking it slower to gather supplies as they go. A dawn attack by a worg (quickly dispatched) and a tense moment with a party of kobolds from the infamous Sootscale tribe gathering the much prized moon radishes (disaster averted by some exceptional diplomacy) interrupted the circular route back to Oleg’s Trading Post.

28th – 29th Pharast 4710 While Syluss, Rogar and Boryenka ponder the state of the aging catapults that stand on the towers of the Trading Post, Tusk, Tantomony and Tarnik head out to revisit Bokken to discuss potions and poison, avoiding a drunken troll en route. The old hermit is very interested in moon radishes and strikes a deal to trade potions for the prized root. He attempts to cement the deal with a round of his revolting beer but only Tarnik can summon the will to drink it, and then only once. They return to Oleg’s the next day.

30th Pharest – 3rd Gozran 4710 It’s back on the road again, travelling west before circling south. The region seems littered with bear traps making the group cautious, firstly of traps and secondly of bears! Nerves are further tested after the group (well Tantomony) falls victim to a grease spell.



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