A Scholarly Saurian, tracking down lost knowledge for the benefit of the Kingdom


Having been abandoned as a child in the wilderness of the region, it has been a tough start to life for Ssyluss. Having scraped together a living in and around cities for the last 40 odd years, he has finally managed to achieve something that he did not believe possible – he has taught himself to read, and with it, his world has been changed forever. The desire for knowledge that has been sparked within him is voracious; he has 40 years of hunger and deprivation to fuel it.

In 3 short years, he has already mastered 4 more languages and has also discovered that he has had a hidden talent for the arcane locked away, just waiting for the awakening of his mind to flourish.

His spell and note books are filling at a rather rapid rate but, if anything, his thirst for knowledge has only increased – the more he knows, the more he is aware of little he knows.

He must know more.


Desperate Measures Beboop