Tag: friendly


  • Oleg Leveton

    Owner of [[Oleg's Trading Post]], Oleg is a gruff, stern and proud tradesman running a steady business in his Trading Post. A no-nonsense kind of man he will be sceptical of strangers, but a good friend once they prove themslves. He will do anything to …

  • Svetlana Leveton

    Found at [[Oleg's Trading Post]], Svetlana is the loving wife of [[:oleg-leveton|Oleg]] and worries when he takes risks.

  • Kesten Garess

    After a scandal with a weaver's daughter Kestn is a disowned member of the Garess family. He's travelled to the Greenbelt for redemption, either as a brave leader or a brave death. He leads a squad of four [[Restov]] Guardsmen.

  • Bokken

    Maker of potions, awful alcohol and who knows what else, Bokken lives way off the beaten track and two steps ahead of civilisation. He trades potions with Oleg for supplies but rarely leaves his hut if he can help it. Having had a rough life he fears the …