Kingdom Building Summary

Kingdom Building

A kingdom has a number of attributes. The three main ones are Stability, Economy and Loyalty. These act as Saving Throws during the Kingdom Turn and are modified by a Player Character’s relevent ability score modifier.
A Kingdom also has Unrest (act as a negative modifer to die rolls for the above) and Control (which 20 + sixe in hexes and the target number for the above die rolls).
Although the number plays no part, a kingdoms’ population is 250/hex + city populations.

1. Choose Alignment
2. Determine initial Treasury BP

Upkeep Phase (not done for Turn 1)
1. Make Stability Check. Amend Unrest.
2. Pay Consumption from BP
3. Fill Vacent Magic Item Slots (based on City buildings)
4. Unrest – high Unrest results in lost Hexes

Improvement Phase
1. Assign and/or reassign leadership roles. This will amend kingdom ability score rolls.
2. Claim hexes. Explored and cleared hexes can be added to your kingdom.
3. Prepare for/Establish/Improve cities.
4. Build Roads
5. Develop rural hexes
6. Raise, train and maintain your military.
7. Edicts. Taxes, Promotions and Festivals you declare to gain temporary bonuses to your Economy, Stability and Loyalty.

Income Phase
1. Deposits. Every full 4,000 gp added to the Treasury adds 1 BP.
2. Withdrawals. Every 1 BP taken from the Treasury converts into 2,000 gp and provokes Unrest.
3. Sell valuble items. Individual items that cost more than 4,000 gp can be sold dependant on the Economy of the Kingdom.
4. Generate Income. Tax the Kingdom to increase BP.

Events Phase
Random Events happen here.

Kingdom Building Summary

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