Broadly speaking, the past is segmented into ‘Ages’ which are named in honour of significant events that occured around that time. Additionally, the history of the Inner Sea Region can be divided into two distinct eras: before and after Earthfall. Before this catastrophic event history is more a mix of myths and legends as opposed to actual documentation. Events pertinent to the Stolen Lands region are given their own entry.

Age of Creation(dates unknown):
What occurs here is a matter for conjecture. Many theories posit that the aboloths and the unknowable Vault Builders held sway. At some point mortal life appeared. What is known is that in a divine war, Sarenae and Asmodeus defeated and imprisoned Rovagug at the centre of the world.

Age of Serpents (dates unknown):
The various reptile races had their empires.

Age of Legend (dates unknown):
The time of the powerful human empires of Azlant and Thassilon, built on fantastically powerful magic. The ancient aboleth plot to destroy these upstarts.

Age of Darkness (-5293 to -4987):
The aboleths cause the Starstone to fall to Golorion. The impact creates the Inner Sea and kickstarts a thousand years of darkness. The elves leave the world through their many portals and Azlant, Thassilon and lesser empires are destroyed. The orcs and the dwarves emerge from the Darklands to create homes on the surface world.

Age of Anguish (-4294 to -3470):
Humanity start rebuilding. Gnomes arrive from the First World in fear of some unkonwn terror. The Spawn of Rovagug break out onto the surface world.

Age of Destiny (-3470 to -43):
Many kingdoms that exist today are founded.

Age of Enthronement (0 to 4605):
Aroden, last of the Azlanti raises the Starstone and becomes a living god. Others pass the Test of the Starstone and become gods. The elves begin to return during this time. The Pathfinder Society is founded. Baron Sirian the First founds Rostland, the Aldori Dueling School nad changes his name to Sirian Aldori.
2009: The Fifth Army of Exploration from the Kingdom of Taldor explore the regions of what will become The River Kingdoms.
4499: Choral “the Conqueror” Rogarvia forms an alliance with House Surtova of Issia. They go on to victory in a war with the land of Rostland and their Swordlords, the final battle being won with the aid of a pair of red dragons. The Swordlords pledged fealty and the Kingdom of Brevoy was born.
4500: Several Aldori Swordlord families who fled before the final battle between Choral and Rostland occupy Mivon in the River Kingdoms and make it their own.

Age of Lost Omens (4606 to current):
The divine Aroden dies on the day of his return to his kingdom of Cheliax. At the same time a permenant hurricane settles on the west coast and a huge demonic portal errupts in the north. Cheliax falls under the sway of devil worshippers.
4699: The royal house of Rogarvia in Brevoy mysteriously vanishes in one night. House Surtova takes the crown, but ill feeling runs high and the kindom is on the brink of civil war.
4710: The Swordlords of Restov invite adventurers of all types to colonise the untamed boarder with The River Kingdoms to gain protection and an ally in any confrontation with Issia.
4711: The fledgling kingdom of Sturovia is founded.


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