Desperate Measures

The End of the Beginning

The tiny evil fey were quickly dispatched including their chieftan on his giant tick! The dangerous encounter with a huge centipede lairing in a chasm proved more of a challange before making it back to the surface with a rescued kobold who lead them to his tribe..

Chief Sootscale quickly agreed a peace treaty in return for the end of the mites and the return of a holy idol (the kobolds are to only harass bandits plus access to moon radishes). But Sootscale then smashed the idol and begged us to kill the kobold shaman! After the deed was done, the Shamen’s journal revealed that he was actually a reincarnated insane halfling, bent on destroying the kobold tribe.

The group were forced by the river to detour east encountering the revenant of a victim of the bandits of the Stag Lord. Promising vengence on his behalf they headed South once more before laying eyes on the ruined castle that formed the Stag Lord’s base.

After capturing a supply wagon, the party bluffed their way into the fort and, under the cover of night dispatched the bandits aided by the release of a pet owlbear of the bandits and the turning of one of their number to the party’s cause. The last to fall was the mad druid locked in the cellar guarding the amassed loot of the lawbreakers.

The adventurers have fufilled the terms of the Charter granted by the Sword Lords and now have the spoils of victory. What does the future hold?



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